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Immunity Boost  | Healing Salve | Selah Organics

Organic Immunity Salve 

Works quickly with your body effectively opening airways, boosting immunity, shortening sickness, and easing the symptoms of mild allergies.  

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A must-have for cold and flu season.

Used in aromatherapy to help:

  • Open airways in the sinuses and lungs
  • Boost immunity
  • Shorten sickness
  • Relieves symptoms of mild allergies
  • Asthma 

For seasonal allergies please see our  (Seasonal Allergy | Aromatherapy Inhaler)

Proprietary Blend: U.S.P menthol crystals*, eucalyptus*, camphor*, ravensara*, peppermint essential oil*.   

*Organic, certified organic, or wild crafted


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