(30ml) HempX+ Dog & Pet | Top-Shelf Hemp Tincture | 12.5mg & 25mg CB+ per serving

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HempX375 Dog and Pet
(30ml) HempX+ Dog & Pet |  Top-Shelf Hemp Tincture | 12.5mg & 25mg CB+ per serving

Dog and Pet Hemp Extract | Calm + Active Hips + Joints

HempX 375mg CBD+ (Small-Mid size breeds) or HempX 750mg CBD+ (Large breeds) Top-Shelf Hemp Extract Tincture for animals.

Contains naturally occurring minor cannabinoids 3.5% CBC, 1.5% CBG, and naturally occurring Terpenes  

With our pets active lifestyle preventative health choices are always the best which is why we have made HempX+750 & 375mg to support the endocannabinoid system and promote a healthy function of the ECS. Top-Shelf hemp cultivars are grow with love on small family farms in Colorado guaranteed not to disappoint. 


  • 375mg or 750mg TOP SHELF WHOLE PLANT HEMP EXTRACT Grown on small family farms at high elevation in Colorado.  We grow our plants at high elevation to gives you a beautiful profile of naturally occurring cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBG Terpenes & Flavonoids.  In addition we grow our hemp using only the fines growing methods including organic nutrients, no pesticides, clean soil, purified water and premium genetics.
  • TOP-SHELF QUALITY to observe the true quality of any oil, one must look at several factors. The most important factors include but are not limited to total % distribution of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.  These components will be present in a high quality hemp product when the plants are grown and harvested correctly and will play a major role in the receptors the cannabinoids bind to.  Our specialty since 2007 is sourcing the finest flowers and extracts and making premium hemp products that work.  To find our private reserve extract we have reviewed over 200 farmers, growing practices, COA's, and visited many farms to find the finest quality hemp flowers from the best Colorado farmers made.  We are proud to make our private reserve extracts from the flowers of beautiful female plants.  Left in its must true form we only make Full-Spectrum extracts, we do NOT use isolate CBD. 
  • MINOR CANNABINOID DISTRIBUTION Did you know industry standard full spectrum hemp extract in 2020 on average contain a 1-3% minor cannabinoid distribution and <1% total terpenes?  Our top-shelf hemp extracts have on average 5-7% minor cannabinoid distribution with naturally occurring terpenes.  Meaning better bio-availability and better results.  
  • NOT ALL HEMP PRODUCTS ARE CREATED EQUALLY You don't have to settle for a low quality oil and poor company transparency.  Did you know? Most product Analysis, if your able to get one for the hemp product usually contains CBD but little to nothing else meaning it is made with low quality flower and results regardless of how much CBD it has in it will be greatly compromised.

Contents:  12.5mg/ml or 25mg/ml of premium Full- Spectrum Hemp Extract suspended in Organics MCT Coconut oil.

Dosing small - mid size breeds 375mg : >15 lb (1/4ml), 15-25 (1/4-1/2ml), <25-50 lb (1/2-1ml). Shake well, mix into food or place directly in mouth 2x per day. 

Dosing large size breeds 750mg : 40-50 lb (1/4ml), 50-75lb (1/2ml) <75+lb (1ml). Shake well, mix into food or place directly in mouth 2x per day. 


HempX+ | Pet 375 & 750 | Calm + Active Hips + Joints | SelahOrganics.com

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