(30ml) HempX+375mg CBD+ 7% CBC, 3%CBG | Premium High Elevation Hemp Extract | 12.5mg CBD+ per (ml)

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(30ml) HempX+375mg CBD+ 7% CBC, 3%CBG  | Premium High Elevation Hemp Extract | 12.5mg CBD+ per (ml)

HempX375+ High elevation whole plant hemp drops + naturally occurring phytonutrients CBC, CBG, Flavonoids, Terpenes. Never from seed. (375mg Premium HempX+ 3.5%CBC,1.2% CBG per 1oz) 


About the product

  • 375mg CONNOISSEUR HIGH ELEVATION HEMP DROPS + Naturally Occurring CBD,CBC,CBG, Flavonoids, Terpenes - many products being sold contain only food grade hemp oil. However ONLY products made with the whole plant have been researched extensively and shown effective for supporting the ECS providing pain relief. When looking for quality we must also look for potency meaning whole plant, not isolate. By using isolate you lose the other active compounds such as terpenes and minor phytonutrients.
  • Colorado Grown Family Owned Specialty Hemp Farm at 8,500 ft – We growing plants at high elevation to gives you a beautiful profile of naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD,CBC,CBG+ a beautiful profile of beneficial terpenes. In addition we grow from snowmelt water and untainted soil with premium genetics.
  • Our individually grown female plants contain NO-SEEDS, are not grown for fiber but rather harvested at peak time by our compassionate farmer providing a superior connoisseur quality- high elevation profile not your industry standard but boutique see our COA.
  • Our high elevation whole plant hemp drops help to balance and regulate the body's (ECS) systems.


Directions: Place .5ml under tongue two times daily. 


HempX+| Premium Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract | Selah Organics | Denver, CO | 720-609-7105

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